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The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Pécs calls for applications for a
photo-, poster and video competition
for present and former students and teachers of the Faculty.


The Photo Poster and Video competition is open to current and former students and engineering teaching staff at UP FEIT. The submitted entries should reflect the professional nature of engineering in the female eye, to make learning to be an engineer an attractive, motivating process and enables women to reach their full potential.

Both women and men, regardless of age and nationality, can apply.



  1. What it means to be a woman engineer?
  2. What it means to become a woman engineer studying at UP FEIT?

The above two topics can be presented in 3 mediums, with photos, posters, or video under the specified format conditions. One applicant can apply for both topics in all three mediums (forms of expression) or can apply for only one expression. The applicant may submit a maximum of three applications. Please submit a description of up to 2000 characters (including spaces), which reflects the applicant’s ideas, experience and thoughts regarding the preparation of the entry.

Evaluation of the

Evaluation of the applications

Sándor Pinczehelyi

Munkácsy Prizewinner, Meritous and
Distinguished Artist

Professor Gabriella Medvegy


Professor Mária Törőcsik


Dr Tibor Kukai

Associate Professor (retired), President,

UP FEIT Student Council

The prizes are awarded
in each of the three mediums,
amounting to

1st. prize:

200,000 HUF
cash prize

2nd. prize:

100,000 HUF
gift voucher

3rd. prize:

50,000 HUF
gift voucher

And numerous other special prizes. The prizes are awarded on the basis of the
offer and co-operation of our support partners.


Application schedule

The date of the announcement of the competition:

27th February, 2020.

Extended deadline for submissions:

2020. szeptember 30. 14:00.

Winners will be notified by email:

2020. november 10-ig,
e-mailben történik.

Awards ceremony:

várhatóan 2020. november 10. után.

Fotó pályázat

Format Requirements for Submissions in the Photo Genre

min. 300 dpi, 4961x7016 px, jpg format - you can submit 1 or more photos

Poszter pályázat

Format Requirements for Submissions in the Poster Genre

A2 or 300 dpi,
pdf format.

Videó pályázat

Format Requirements for Submissions in the Video Genre

2-5 minutes of edited material, in MPEG4 format, HD quality, with H264 coding

If you have any questions about the application please contact with us at the following email address: mernoknok@mik.pte.hu.

UP FEIT reserves the right to withdraw or declare the application ineffective at any time.

UP FEIT, with payment of the prize money, pursuant to Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright. acquires proprietary rights under the Act without limitation of time and territory.

The call for proposals is made possible by the participation of the UP FEIT in the project
EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00005 “Innovative university in a modern city:
open-minded, value-driven and inclusive approach in a 21st century higher education model” in the implementation of the B2 “Activities in the field of science, engineering and information technology, aimed at increasing the number of female students, human and organizational development”

Cooperating partner:
Baranya County Territorial Organization of János Neumann Computer Science Society

Supporting Partners:
Baranya County Chamber of Engineers, as well as the companies,
institutions and organizations who support the training programs of the UP FEIT.